Rating Of External Filters For Aquarium

The main disadvantages of the main mass of the internal Fish Tank Filters are the small working volume, the unsatisfactory quality of cleaning and the need for frequent washing and replacement of the filtering material.

We suggest you consider the options of external filters, they are more efficient and practical. High performance and availability of a multi-stage filtration system ensure a long uninterrupted operation period between scheduled cleaning.

Rating Of External Filters For Aquarium

External filters less noise and do not occupy space in the aquarium. It is not by chance that they are preferred by experienced aquarists.

What to look for when choosing an external filter for an aquarium

All Fish Tank Filters on the market are designed for a certain volume of the tank – up to 100-120 liters, from 100 to 200 liters, 200-300 liters, etc. However, this is not the only parameter that is worth paying attention to when choosing a filtering device.

A good external filter should be:

  • Energy efficient. Since the filter will operate continuously, the consumption of electricity consumed is one of the key points;
  • Silent. Any noise and vibration emitted by the pump will cause discomfort not only to the guests of the aquarium, but also to its owner;
  • Productive. The presence of a multi-stage coarse and fine filtration system allows to increase the interval between cleanings;
  • Functional. Many models are equipped with a built-in UV sterilizer that will protect the fish from germs;
  • Reliable. Typically, manufacturers give a 2-year warranty on their products (specify if there is a service center for warranty and post-warranty repairs in your city);
  • Safe.
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You should also pay attention to the completeness of delivery.

For example, external filter for aquarium Eheim The base model of the Classic series is sold without fillers and valves for maintenance, while other models from the same manufacturer initially come with all the necessary components.

In this respect, Aquael filters have proven themselves well – the Polish manufacturer has done a good job of making the equipment operation as comfortable as possible. Here there is a pump for the initial launch, and a handle for transportation to the cleaning site and separate boxes for fillers.

The quality of the manufacture of water hoses is another important point. So, Tetra filters, popular among aquarists, are equipped with very vulnerable plastic tubes that require careful handling.

However, if we take into account that, in terms of price-quality ratio, Tetra EX filters have almost no competitors, and all components are inexpensive, and you can make a discount on the quality of hoses.

Manufacturer of external filters Jbl (Germany) positions its equipment as energy efficient. Jbl has released a whole line of filters "greenline", which, as the developer claims, save up to 43% of electricity compared to peers.