Selection And Installation Of The Internal Filter In The Aquarium

Choosing the right internal filter for a home aquarium is a very important task, because it will be responsible for the purity of the water. Every owner wants his fish to live as long as possible – and high-quality filtering can provide it.

Features and benefits

Among all the varieties, it is the internal models that are the simplest and most convenient to maintain. Therefore, they are preferred not only by beginners, but also by experienced aquarists.

The device is installed directly into the aquarium itself. The filter is immersed in water. The volume of the container should be at least 10 liters and up to one hundred and even more, depending on the specific model.

Internal filters for aquarium have the function of adjusting the speed of the process. Also, if there is an injector, along with the purified water, small air bubbles get into the aquarium. This allows the use of most models of internal filters without the need to install a compressor.

The disadvantages of this system include some noise during operation, as well as a violation of aesthetics. Those who want to create complex decorations in an aquarium may not like the filter that is constantly visible inside. But even these disadvantages do not prevent it from remaining the most popular way to purify water for an aquarium. After all, they outweigh the ease of use and high reliability.


Selection And Installation Of The Internal Filter In The Aquarium

All Fish Tank Filters installed inside can be divided according to the capabilities and functionality they possess. The simplest ones include the cheapest, which are small glasses. They carry out mechanical and partly biological water purification from pollution. The quality of work is not the highest, but extremely simple installation and low price.

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Other models are more complex due to the increased number of sections for the filter material. They can add a chemical component, such as activated carbon or zeolite. Due to this, water purification becomes much better.

Additionally, the internal filters differ in the volume of water in the aquarium, with which they can work. The weakest ones are designed for tanks from 10 to 25-30 liters. The most powerful can work with aquariums of 300 liters. But this is the upper limit for internal filters and the price of such models is much higher.

Another criterion for the difference is the location of the pump. In most cases, it is located at the top of the glass, but sometimes it is located at the bottom.

There are models in which some additional functions are built in, for example, such as:

  • built-in heater that maintains water temperature;
  • an injector that supplies air with water and replaces the compressor;
  • regulators of the pump, as well as various indicators of its power;
  • the ability to control the direction of flow.


High-quality internal filter Aquael for the aquarium, produced in Poland. Their main advantages include low power consumption and sufficiently high power, while they are very reliable.

From the majority of Chinese and European models Aquael differ in the used cleaning material. A phenol-free sponge is used, which becomes home to a variety of bacteria. These bacteria process very well dead organics as well as nitrogen compounds.


Selection And Installation Of The Internal Filter In The Aquarium

The internal eheim filter belongs to the best aquarium internal filters. It is distinguished by some original solutions in the design. For example, in some models of this brand, the outlet has a hinged design, due to which it can be rotated in all directions.

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At the same time, the internal eheim filters are absolutely noiseless, the owner also has the ability to rearrange the filter sections in places. And the supplied bio-fillers provide excellent cleaning.

By cons Eheim can be attributed only to the high cost, as well as a ceramic pump impeller. In models from other manufacturers it is metal. With ceramic you need to be especially careful.


Selection And Installation Of The Internal Filter In The Aquarium

The internal Tetra filter has an extra section for installing a thermostat, which improves their functionality. The advantages of these models include a fairly compact size, which is suitable for relatively small aquariums, and also easier to disguise them with decorations.


Selection And Installation Of The Internal Filter In The Aquarium

Domestic brand, under which a large number of aquarium equipment and other products. Differ in reasonable price, and also rather quite good quality of work. The most popular model is the Barbus 310f.

There are quite compact models in which large pores are used to reduce the size of the device. This reduces the quality of filtration, but in the aquarium the filter takes up very little space, and it can be easily replaced.

Installation in the aquarium

Installing the filter in the aquarium is easy enough if you follow the instructions for the device. In this article we will not disassemble the actual assembly of the filter, as it may vary depending on the model and device. Each of them is accompanied by an assembly instruction; by following it, you can easily assemble an internal filter for the aquarium with your own hands.

Difficulties in how to install an Fish Tank Filter, if it is already assembled, no – just follow the recommendations.

  • The device needs to be fixed on suckers. It is important to determine how to properly install the internal filter in height so that there is at least 3 cm to the surface, but the filter does not touch the bottom. If the depth is small, you can lower it lower, but it still should not touch the bottom. Keep in mind that water constantly evaporates, so watch the height of the device during operation. You can not put on the bottom.
  • You can only immerse and mount the device when it is turned off.
  • Bring out the air intake tube. Service will facilitate the presence of a special attachment for her.
  • If necessary, you can use the damper to adjust the pressure and direction of water flowing out of the filter. But turn off your device and pull out the wire from the outlet.
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