The Location Of The Filter In The Aquarium

The Location Of The Filter In The Aquarium
The Location Of The Filter In The Aquarium

The Location Of The Filter In The Aquarium

An aquarium is a biosystem, a living organism, in order to maintain its viability it is necessary to have special equipment. It is internal and external, basic and additional.

The main equipment is considered to be: compressors that saturate the water with oxygen, filters for water purification, water heaters, to save the selected temperature mode and lamps to illuminate the aquarium.

Internal filters combine two functions: supplying oxygen and purifying water. Internal filters include a pump that pumps water and a filter element, which can be located both outside and inside the filter housing. Installation of the internal filter is extremely simple. The location of the filter in the aquarium is as follows: it is attached to the side wall of the aquarium, next to the rear window. The pump of this filter must be completely in the water. Above the surface of the water there remains only an oxygen hose for taking air and passing it through the pump to the aquarium.

External filters are placed in a cabinet – stand. In the aquarium there are 2 tubes for drawing water into the filter and for supplying clean water. The filter consists of a pump that is installed on top of the filter, as well as a filter housing with filter material in it. During the installation of the filter in the cabinet – stand, you need to make sure that the hoses that connect the tubes and the filter are located freely. The intake tube is placed vertically in the aquarium, about 5 centimeters from the ground, in turn, the tube for feeding water from the filter is installed in the upper part of the aquarium and can be located both under water and above water, taking into account the tasks assigned to the filter.

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External filters are designed only to purify water, and a compressor is used to supply oxygen to water.

How to put the filter in the aquarium:

Open the filter, unfasten the covers, then remove the engine.

Pull out the basket with filter elements. In the penultimate basket – activated carbon, remove the packaging from it. Then put the mesh with coal in the basket.

Lower the basket into the filter.

Reinstall the engine and close the covers.

Install the water intake tube into the aquarium through the technological opening, putting the tip on it beforehand. For fixing you need to use suction cups.

Attach to the tube a hose of the desired diameter. This hose can be immersed in hot water for a short time, so that it is easier to put on the tube. Additional mounts here is not required.

Place an “in” tap on the hose. Hold the end of the hose in hot water before installation.

Install a water supply pipe in technological opening 2. Attach to it the hose with the smallest diameter “out”.

Taps should be attached to the filter with gray washers.