Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

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The idea of ​​creating a miniature natural reservoir came to man for a long time. However, the limitations of the created ecosystem required additional care for its condition. That is how the first filter elements for aquariums appeared, purifying water and retaining various kinds of biological waste.

The purpose of modern filters went a little further than in the early stages of development. Now every advanced device can not only eliminate pollution, but also provide a constant influx of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, as well as mix layers of water, maintaining the optimum temperature balance for fish and the amount of dissolved oxygen.

As for the choice, the well-established view of the best models in the market of filters for the aquarium deserves special attention at home for lovers of breeding ornamental fish. Which one You will learn about this in our rating, compiled on the basis of the following important criteria:

Best Internal Fish Tank Filters

5 Xilong XL-F131

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

Saturation with beneficial microorganisms contributes to the additional biological filtration. Therefore, the water in the aquarium becomes clean and transparent. In the course of operation of a device with a power of 15 W, vibrations are not created and the habitual rhythm of life of the inhabitants of the depths is not disturbed. The kit also includes a flute and an injection nozzle for aeration. It is recommended to install such a model in containers up to 100 liters.

4 Jebo 1200F AP

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

Inexpensive internal placement device is well established in filtering fresh water. It is usually installed in aquariums of 150-200 liters. The plastic case is ergonomic, has no extra parts, protruding elements, backlash between the structural elements. It is designed for continuous operation without shutdown. To ensure quality work in the device, it is necessary to maintain the power of 8.5 W declared by the manufacturer. Its average productivity makes 600 l / h that quite allows to clear water well and to saturate it with oxygen.

The advantages of this product owners include the design of the outlet. It is equipped with a special swiveling nozzle that regulates the flow direction. The aeration option makes it possible not to use additional aquarium accessories. Not all filters are easy to maintain. However, this model is assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, unpretentious care.

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3 Barbus WP-300F

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

However, the main advantage of it is an excellent configuration. The set includes such nozzles as “Water Flute”, “Filtration and sprinkling”, “Filtration and aeration”, “Filtration and circulation”. Therefore, it is always possible to choose the flow movement variant that is necessary in a particular case. Made of metal and plastic, the case of stakannogo type is quickly attached to the wall of the container with the help of suction cups. Coarse sponge collecting dirt is easy to maintain. What else users emphasize is the noiseless operation of the device.

2 Juwel Bioflow 6.0

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

Fine filter designed for tanks of 200-350 liters of water. Own volume of the tank is 6 liters, according to this indicator Juwel Bioflow 6.0 closely fits to the external type devices. In addition, there are 6 types of filtering elements inside the roomy chamber: special thick cotton wool and 5 sponges of varying degrees of density. They perform the function of complete mechanical and fine chemical-biological cleaning, due to which water retains its suitability for a long period of time. If the question arises about choosing an expensive, but good model of the internal filter, then experienced aquarists prefer it to this applicant. The disadvantages of users include the high cost of the device, the rapid deterioration of coarse materials.

Many newbies and experienced aquarium holders ask themselves a reasonable question: which type of filter is better – internal or external? The answer is found in the comparison table, which shows all the pros and cons of such devices of various designs.

Filter type




+ They cope well with filtration in small aquariums.

+ May include a range of mechanical, chemical and biological filter elements.

+ Low cost compared to external filters.

+ Easy to maintain.

+ Usually low cost.

– The average level of noise.

– Low efficiency of separately taken mechanical filtration (it is necessary to resort to self-cleaning of the soil from dirt).


+ Very high quality and complete water filtration (biological, chemical, mechanical).

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+ Able to effectively purify water in large aquariums.

+ Do not require special care.

– High cost compared to internal filters.

– require a lot of free space.

1 Hydor CRYSTAL 3 R10 Duo

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

The internal filter with a cover is intended for capacities from 100 to 200 liters. And it can be installed in aquariums with fresh water and salt. The Italian manufacturer offers a filter pump that operates on a 2-level principle of cleaning. At the initial stage, water seeps through a foam sponge, getting rid of large impurities, and then undergoes chemical or biological treatment. The camera is designed for the use of filter materials of different types. At the same time, the device supports a power of 11 W, which allows pumping 800 l / h.

The case of the device is quite compact, moreover, it has practically no sharp corners. All lines are smoothed, and the outer shell reliably protects the inside from mechanical effects. Thanks to the included tripod, the product can be easily mounted in the corner without taking up much space. Along with high-quality tightness and small size, the model has another advantage: it is equipped with a special control system, with which you can adjust the performance, flow direction and overall water saturation with oxygen.

The best external filters for the aquarium

5 Sera Fil Bioactive 250

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

The external gray filter is inconspicuous and does not affect the interior design of the aquarium. However, the ergonomic shape of the body, based on anti-slip rubber feet, is convenient for installation. In general, the design is durable, as the plastic can withstand the water pressure, and the hermetic latches, an additional seal allow to avoid leaks. The device is focused on the capacity of 100-250 liters.

4 laguna

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

What else stands out model of plastic, so it is a complete set. Here there are not only hoses and taps on the inlet / outlet, but also a manual pump, a protective grille of the intake tube, a flute with a cap. As the experience of aquarists shows, this model effectively deals with all types of garbage and creates a good microclimate for underwater inhabitants.

3 Aquael MINIKANI 120

Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

A simple and inexpensive filter designed for water purification in aquariums up to 120 liters. Unpretentious to maintain, for which he gained particular popularity among amateurs of aquarium fish. Has no restrictions on the used filter elements, so you can use any kind of filler, and most importantly in large quantities. The main feature is that, unlike the classic models, the pump can be placed both outside and inside the aquarium, and the filter box is much lower than the bottom. Ideal for home use. Among the advantages can still be noted the presence of a large compartment under the filler, the implementation of 3 types of cleaning.

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Top 10 Fish Tank Filters

External filter designed for aquariums from 200 to 500 liters. In terms of cleaning performance, it is probably one of the best mid-budget models at the moment. In the basic configuration has 5 pre-installed fillers: ceramic rings and a special biogubka, balls and carbon absorbent, as well as a fibrous membrane at the finishing stage. The autorun system is integrated, so the pump does not need additional pumping of water after installation or replacement of filters. The device is guaranteed to appeal to those for whom the breeding of aquarium fish is more than just a vital hobby.

1 Prime

Owners of aquariums of 200-450 liters called such an external device one of the best commercially available. Its design is perfectly adapted to the capacity of any shape. The upper part of the filter is equipped with a silicone seal that prolongs the life of the device. Fillers are placed in 3 compartments. They are a heterogeneous material. This is a coarse and thin sponge, activated carbon, environmentally friendly ceramics. With a power of 25 W, its performance reaches 1200 l / h.

Despite the weight of a little more than 5 kg, the device is stable during operation, low noise. For high-quality intake and discharge of water, the branch pipes were made sliding. This helps to optimally consider the depth. If necessary, you can without any physical effort to block the water flow due to the adapter on the hose with 2 taps. The set additionally includes 2 tubes that function as “flutes”.