Using Filters To Protect Ponds From Pollution

Causes of pollution of ornamental ponds

Using Filters To Protect Ponds From Pollution

Contaminated Decorative Pond

Decorative pond at the dacha is exposed to pollution throughout the season. Causes of pond pollution can be:

  • If the pond is fishy, ​​then excessive feeding of the inhabitants leads to the fact that the food remains in the water and begins to decompose, which leads to water blooming and the formation of various bacteria and microbes.
  • Stagnant water in a pond that is not equipped with a water pump is actively contaminated by algae, which lead to water blooming.
  • Excess planting of ornamental plants in a pond also contributes to the reproduction of organic matter (various microbes and bacteria).
  • Exposure to hot sunlight causes water to bloom.
  • If you do not disinfect water (chemical and non-aggressive substances), this also contributes to the pollution of the ornamental reservoir.

As you can see, there are quite a few causes of pollution of ornamental ponds, and not all of them depend only on the human factor, therefore it is necessary to clean the pond with special filters.

Filtration systems for ponds: harmful or not?

Professional pond filtration systems

Most summer residents are concerned that filtration systems to protect water bodies from pollution expose the inhabitants of the water body (fish and plants) to danger. Because of this, gardeners prefer to wait until the flowering process of the water ends independently, and this threatens to seriously pollute the pond, as a result of which it is necessary to completely replace the water and to carry out a complete disinfection of the pit.

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We draw your attention to the fact that modern filtration systems for ponds are completely safe and suitable for both fish reservoirs and ordinary ornamental ponds!

Not only are filters for ponds harmless, they are also useful for the inhabitants of reservoirs, because during their work they saturate the water with oxygen, which is especially useful for the vital activity of living organisms!

Kinds of filters for pond cleaning

There are several types of pond filter classifications. If we consider the filters according to the method of action, they can be as follows:

  • Chemical pond cleaning filters – used to clean a pond from toxic impurities.
  • Filters mechanical pond cleaning – allow you to clean the reservoir from large garden garbage and waste products of pond organisms.
  • Ultraviolet pond cleaning filters – used to combat bacteria and algae living in the pond.
  • Pond biological purification filters are used to create a natural balance and restore balance in a pond.
  • Combined pond cleaning systems – include several types of filters at once, which allows you to clean the reservoir of several types of pollutants at the same time.

It is also customary to divide filters for the pond into pressure and flow, depending on the volume of water in the pond. Both the first and second can not work without a water pump, and are able to simultaneously carry out several types of cleaning the pond, which makes them a combined cleaning system. Let’s take a closer look at these filters.

Pressure Filters

Pressure filter has a more complex structure than flow, but at the same time allows you to raise the purified water up to several meters. This advantage is used to create springs and waterfalls, when a closed cycle of distillation of water from the lower level to the upper level should be carried out with pre-treatment of water. Pressure filters are used on small ponds. Such units capable of cleaning the reservoir of no more than 60 cubic meters.

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The operation of the pressure filter is simple: polluted water enters the cleaning module, where it undergoes mechanical and chemical cleaning. After that, the water pump delivers the purified water to the top point and the cycle repeats again.

Flow Filters

Flow filters are used on larger ponds. They are able to clean the pond with a volume of up to 300 cubic meters. Like pressure filters, flow units work in the same system as the water pump.

The flow filter design is simpler. Water enters the filtering compartment, undergoes mechanical, chemical and even ultraviolet purification, after which it is purified.

If you use a flow filter to clean a fish pond, its performance may be slightly reduced.

Due attention should also be paid to skimmers and UV lamps that effectively clean the pond.

UV lamps can be sold both separately and mounted in a combined filter. They allow you to fight not only with bacteria, but also with various microalgae. The price of ultraviolet lamps is relatively low, so if there is a need, do not take the money to purchase them. Separate ultraviolet lamps can be easily mounted on the shore of a reservoir and also easy to clean in bad weather.

As for skimmers, they are used for cleaning the pond from large garden garbage – branches and leaves. Skimmers float on the surface of the water, so they can be easily combined with a flow or pressure filter.

Skimmer for pond water purification

The cost of filters for cleaning the pond

Flow-through filters have prices from 500 UAH and can exceed the mark of 2000 UAH for high-quality models.

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Pressure filters are more expensive, their price starts from 1000 UAH, but high-quality models have a price of about 2000 UAH.

There are also water purification kits (filtering systems), which include both mechanical and ultraviolet pond cleaning. Their cost is about 3000 UAH.

That is, in fact, all that I wanted to tell you about how to clean the reservoir from pollution! In no case do not "start" cleaning the pool, otherwise the cost of its restoration, as well as the laboriousness of the works themselves will teach you a lesson!