What Is A Biofilter For An Aquarium

How to make a biofilter for the aquarium with your own hands? With such a question, novice aquarists turn to specialists. After all, biological cleaning of the fluid in the reservoir implies the introduction of microorganisms. With their help, organic residues and processed products are eliminated from the water.

Biological filters and their elements

Modern Fish Tank Filters carry out not only biological, but also mechanical cleaning. A number of devices complement the chemical filtration components. When selecting this information is taken into account by experienced aquarists.

The basis of biofilters for the aquarium are microorganisms that are engaged in the processing of ammonia. For their development and maintenance of their vital activity, an appropriate substrate is required.

What Is A Biofilter For An Aquarium

Biological filter is constructed from these types of fillers.

Foam rubber

This filler is used for biofilter novices. Indeed, with the help of such raw materials, mechanical cleaning of the liquid from large and small impurities is carried out. Useful bacteria are planted on foam rubber. Foam rubber is suitable for picking small tanks, the load level in which is small. But such material needs regular cleansing from mucus, silt.


External biofilter design of biological ceramics, ceramic rings. Such a substrate contributes to the development of beneficial bacteria, spraying oxygenated liquid.

Special plastic

From this raw material, balls are prepared, the surface of which is covered with notches. With the passage of water through such a filter is saturated with air, feeding of beneficial microorganisms.

What Is A Biofilter For An Aquarium

Glass filter

Glass fillers are used to clean the aquarium liquid from organic residues. For their preparation used porous glass, for the preparation of which is used baking technology. The diameters of such balls reach 0.8–1.2 cm. The beneficial microorganisms settled in such balls rid the reservoir of nitrates and toxic components.

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Self-design of biological filters

Biofiltration in the aquarium is performed by beneficial microorganisms that process nitrates, ammonia. It is these that fill the fillers, which are included in the treatment systems.

Nitrobacteria and nitrifying microorganisms are colonized in reservoirs. For distribution and subsequent reproduction required appropriate conditions.

Simple filter

To prepare it, the aquarist will need the following elements:

  • Tubes by which water is sprayed.
  • A compressor that oxygenates a liquid in a tank.
  • Filler.

Such a system works on the following principle:

  1. In the aquarium water is placed a bottle with a filler.
  2. Inside the bottle gets a liquid that is saturated with ammonia and nitrates.
  3. Beneficial microorganisms purify it from harmful components.
  4. The purified liquid is fed back to the tank.

What Is A Biofilter For An Aquarium

Small biofilter

To construct the internal filtration system, use the following scheme:

  • Using a pre-heated awl or a thick needle, prepare the holes in the plastic bottle. The number of rows – 4–5.
  • 70 percent of the bottle is filled with the selected filler. Fillers such as zeolite, plastic or foam are present in self-made filters.
  • A technological opening through which liquid enters the bottle is covered with a sponge. This contributes to a uniform flow of fluid.
  • For fixing the corrugations or sponges use an elastic band.
  • After that, the bottle is immersed in the tank.

This type of filter works as an airlift. To increase the level of efficiency, a nebulizer is placed inside, through which oxygenated water enters the aquarium.

Such a biological filter stands out ease of use. After all, the filler does not need to be cleaned for 1-2 months.

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Watch an entertaining video about creating airlift filter with your own hands

Medium complexity filter

To prepare this design perform the following actions:

  • We prepare plates of glass, the dimensions of which correspond to the dimensions of the walls and the bottom of the tank. Compliance with the dimensions helps to simplify the installation and operation. Before you connect the individual elements, they are treated with a degreasing compound.
  • Partitions are introduced into the designed system, the height of which is slightly lower. To attach the glass partitions using epoxy adhesives.
  • Foam rubber is placed in the prepared compartments, where useful microorganisms are actively developing, expanded clay. So that the filler does not pop up, it is fixed with the help of glass plates. If necessary, the filler can be replaced with another material.

It is possible to install such filtration systems in the tank after 12-24 hours. This time is enough to glue the composition completely frozen. For additional checks use clean rags. The engineered system is placed in water for a while in order to check how well it works.

Aquarium makes vegetation, phenotypes and decorative elements more attractive. In order to maintain excellent conditions in the tank, a high-quality cleaning system and a biological filter are required. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a cleaning system, since it can be constructed on its own.