What Is The Fish Tank Filter For?

The Fish Tank Filter is one of the most important devices in an aquarium. Without it, fish will face a slow and one hundred percent death. The filter should work in the aquarium 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can turn it off only for the duration of cleaning for no more than 30 minutes.

Surprisingly, the filters in the aquarium are needed to filter the water. But filtering is not only mechanical, as we used to think. Let us consider in more detail what types of filtering can be, which usually look like a filter for an aquarium.

Three types of filtering

Biological filtration

This is the most important type of filtering and the main purpose of the filter. To put it simply, biological filtration is the conversion of poisonous ammonia produced by fish, snails, shrimps and other living organisms in an aquarium into relatively harmless nitrites, and then into nitrates. Without such filtration, fish cannot survive for long in such a closed system as a home aquarium, they will die from ammonia poisoning.
If you decide to engage in aquarism, then you need to understand well the operation of this important type of filtration. To do this, we strongly recommend that you read the article Nitrogen cycle in the aquarium..

Mechanical filtration

This type of filtering to madness is simple. It removes fish waste, food debris, rotten leaves and other slurry in the water, making the water cleaner.

What Is The Fish Tank Filter For?

Tetra siphon with valve  to remove waste from the ground. Although the filter and the aquarium are cleaned from the waste of fish, they still remain in the filter tank on its sponge. And since the filter and the aquarium are considered one system, it turns out that everything that he collected remains in the system. To do this, the filter must be periodically cleaned.

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Moreover, the filter can not fully ensure the removal of all garbage. Part of it falls to the bottom and falls into the ground. To do this, there is a simple fixture, called a siphon (or primer).

Chemical filtration

Not used in all filters. It is understood that activated carbon can be added to some filters, which removes certain chemicals from the water. More often, coal is used in a filter after treating fish to remove residual medicine from water.

Some filters apply additional UF sterilizer. Sterilizing the water, it kills harmful bacteria, preventing the development of disease in fish.

What Is The Fish Tank Filter For?

Chemical filtration is mainly used to remove unpleasant odors from the aquarium and residues of medicinal agents after treatment. Usually, any well-kept aquarium should not have any unpleasant odors at all. Activated carbon will not be able to absorb an unlimited number of chemicals, so it is used as a temporary solution. Most experienced aquarists try not to use activated carbon in their filters all the time, except for the moment when it is necessary to remove certain chemicals from the aquarium water, for example, after a fish treatment cycle.


Since all fish continuously produce ammonia, the filter must be running all the time to keep the ammonia values ​​at zero. Daily water changes will not replace the filter.

Now you know about different types of filtering. It’s time to deal with the types of Fish Tank Filters in the article “How to choose an Fish Tank Filter”