What Kind Of Water To Fill In The Aquarium

What Kind Of Water To Fill In The Aquarium

Many people who decide to start an aquarium want to know all the details about keeping fish, choosing plants and caring for water. But the first dilemma faced by an inexperienced aquarist is how much water should be poured into the aquarium? There are a number of requirements for water quality and several ways to clean it, which will help to achieve the desired consistency.

What water should be poured into the aquarium?

For the aquarium should be selected soft neutral water. In large metropolitan areas such water flows in the aqueducts. In places where the water supply is connected to artesian wells, the water turns out to be too hard. It is suitable only for viviparous fish, adapted to all sorts of adversity.

Too hard aquarium water can be softened by mixing it with soft distilled or rainwater. Water from melting snow / ice is also suitable. And collect rainwater and ice after continuous, long-term precipitation. To replace the water in the aquarium, you can mix 1/4 of rainwater.

If you decide to use tap water, then follow these guidelines:

What Kind Of Water To Fill In The Aquarium
  1. Do not pour water from the tap. Pour it into the jar, you can see that its walls will be covered with bubbles. These are gases. They got into the liquid when it was passed through cleaning filters. Having put a small fish in such water, you risk that its body and gills will be covered with bubbles, and ulcers will form on the affected areas.
  2. Ensure that the water is free of chlorine.. If the water contains more than 0.1 milligrams of chlorine, the young fish and larvae will die in a couple of hours. A concentration of 0.05 milligrams of water will kill fish eggs.
  3. Monitor pH. Changes in the pH level are often observed in an artificial pond with soft water and low carbonate content, with strong sunlight. To remove the free acid, you need to blow the water column with air and deliver the water to the aquarium in batches, and the pH should not be less than 7.
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If you follow these indicators of water in the aquarium, then it will not be green for a long time, and the fish and plants will fully develop.

Aquarium water purification

Little just prepare the water and pour it into the aquarium. Behind it requires follow-up care, which involves filtering and ozonation. The most common filter types are:

  1. Internal. The most budget, and therefore a common option. It is a pump that distills the liquid through a foam sponge filtering composition.
  2. External. They are often bought for large volumes. They do not take up extra space inside the aquarium and have large volumes of filter materials. Sterilizers are also installed on the external filter.

As you can see, collecting water for the aquarium and its further control is a simple process.