What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium With Fish And Whether It Is Possible To Pour Bottled And Filtered Water

It would seem that something easier. Pour water from the tap, defend and pour into the aquarium.

Most novice aquarists do this for a second without thinking about whether they are doing the right thing.

But it is not enough to pour water into the aquarium. You need to know what water can be poured into the aquarium, and what you should not.

What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium With Fish And Whether It Is Possible To Pour Bottled And Filtered Water

If you think about the difference between water in different aquariums? Water will differ in parameters like:

There is a reasonable question, how do you know what parameters should be in the water poured into the aquarium? The answer is simple. It depends on the fish and plants that are contained in the aquarium or the content of which is planned.

What water should be poured into the aquarium

It is no secret that each species of fish prefers its own water temperature. Barbusses prefer warmer water, and goldfish cooler. The temperature of the water, optimal for the content of the fish, determines the temperature of the water. It is also the case with other parameters of the water poured into the aquarium.

If you keep cichlids who love hard water, then you should not boil the poured water. Boiling softens the water, removing calcium and magnesium salts, on which the hardness of the water depends.

Other fish prefer soft water, and water can be boiled to soften it.

As you know, water has an acid or alkaline reaction, which is characterized by a pH level. I will not go deep into chemistry, and I will notice that the pH level of the poured water is taken into account necessarily. For example, short-lived fish may refuse to lay eggs when the water is unsuitable for acid or alkaline reaction, which will confuse an ignorant aquarist when trying to breed.

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Pour into the aquarium the water that is suitable for the fish in terms of their content.

How much to fill the water in the aquarium

The aquarium is completely filled, leaving 5-7 cm from the top edge. The indentation does not allow the fish to jump out of the aquarium, and leaves a sufficient amount of air above the surface of the aquarium, which is necessary for labyrinth fish to breathe in the aquarium covered with a lid.

Is it possible to pour bottled water into the aquarium?

I do not recommend. Those concentrations of salts and minerals that exist in mineralized bottled water may not be suitable for aquarium fish, plants, or invertebrates like shrimps.

The composition of bottled water varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This makes it difficult to maintain the parameters of the poured water at the same level and requires constant use of water from one manufacturer.

Aquarists point out cases where plants have stopped growing after pouring bottled water into the aquarium due to the lack of the necessary salts and minerals in the composition of the water. Also noted was the massive death of shrimp the next day after pouring bottled water into the aquarium.

Consider bottled water for the aquarium as an alternative to tap water with the poor quality of the latter. I believe that dirty tap water, purified by a carbon filter and after boiled, will be better suited to an aquarium than bottled water.

Is it possible to pour boiled water into an aquarium?

Yes. Boiled water is considered soft and neutral in terms of pH. Water softening acts as a breeding stimulus for many fish. For example, barbs and neons. Keep in mind, not all fish and aquarium plants like soft or softened water.

What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium With Fish And Whether It Is Possible To Pour Bottled And Filtered Water

Is it possible to pour filtered water into the aquarium?

In some cases it is permissible. If the water is filtered through mechanical cleaning or a carbon filter, then the bay into the aquarium is acceptable. The water passed through the following filters, you do not need to fill in the aquarium:

  • Antibacterial filter
  • Remineralizing filter
  • Silver Water Enrichment Filter
  • Na + or H + ion exchange filter
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By the way, many manufacturers of bottled water use ion-exchange filters. This filter replaces magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions, less often with hydrogen ions. Fish and aquarium plants do not tolerate high concentrations of sodium.

Remember! If fish already live in the aquarium and plants are planted, then it is impossible to drastically change the parameters of the aquarium water. Distinguish by adding water, filling the water and changing the water.