What Types Of Filters Are Used In The Aquarium

Different types of filters are used in the aquarium. There are external and internal filters.

In the internal filters, water purification occurs when it is sucked through foam rubber or synthetic wool, placed in a special glass. The filter material is periodically clogged and requires flushing. To do this, the filter is regularly removed from the aquarium, disassembled and washed. The internal filters working from the air compressor, possess rather small power. Strongly turbid water cannot be cleaned with their help.

More efficient outdoor filters located above or behind the aquarium. Convenient and simple filters placed above the surface of the aquarium water. Water entering the box using an air-lift is filtered through porous material and drips into the aquarium. When the pores of the filter material become clogged, the water, filling the box, overflows and also flows into the aquarium. In this case, the filter must be cleaned. For this, the airlift is turned off, the water is allowed to flow out of the box completely, the porous material is removed from the filter and washed. There is no need to disassemble the entire system.

Large aquariums are sometimes endowed with large-volume portable filters of complex construction. One month after the start of its operation, a film of microorganisms is formed on the porous material of such a filter, which take an active part in metabolic processes. Such a filter is called biological, since not only does mechanical purification of water from turbidity occur in it, but many organic substances, humic acids, nitrites and nitrates are utilized. About once every six months the filter must be washed. The newly launched filter begins to actively influence the biochemistry of water in about a month. Mechanical water purification, of course, begins immediately, since its launch.

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Sometimes a bottom filter is used as a kind of internal filter. To do this, in the aquarium make false or drainage system pipes.

What types of fertilizers are used to feed the plants in the aquarium?
Fertilizers containing nutrients needed by plants are applied to the soil and water. Fertilizers applied to the soil: – Clay. – Organic matter contained in the soil of the aquarium. When changing.

How often should I change the water in the aquarium?
After the aquarium is planted with plants and populated with fish, an amateur should strive to maintain a sustainable regime in it. For the normal development of fish and the prevention of a number of diseases are necessary in water.

Filtration and various methods of cleaning and disinfecting water in an aquarium
In the aquarium there is a constant accumulation of organic residues (not eaten food, fish and shellfish excreta, dead inhabitants). Under the action of oxygen and microorganisms, these residues decompose to.

What is the optimal light period for normal development of plants in an aquarium?
Under natural conditions, tropical aquatic plants grow in light conditions of 104 to 105 lux. Photosensitive organisms are affected by intensity, duration of illumination and angle of incidence of light.

What Types Of Filters Are Used In The Aquarium

What stimuli apply aquarists, influencing the fish wanting to provoke spawning?
Under natural conditions, spawning is stimulated by one or other factors that trigger a complex mechanism that regulates the maturation of the genital products of fish and the spawning process itself, accelerating or delaying it. Without.