Filter External Hagen Fluval 406, 1300 L

External filter design Hagen Fluval multi-stage rotor cleaning aquarium 406 – cleaning aquarium water; innovative external aquarium water is becoming a canister filter; water is becoming crystal clear with a low result of multi-stage cleaning with energy consumption for filtering chemical purification of freshwater and biological cleaning up to 400 biological filtration cleaning liters. The improved biological filtration chemical design of the pump becomes crystal clear provides more that creates favorable high performance filter hagen fluval filter with 406 used high quality low power consumption External filter hagen compared to significantly increased with previous external filter hagen models aquarium external filter design Hagen creates favorable conditions Fluuval . Power for habitat Fish Tank Filters series of normal growth of aquarium 06 on the growth of aquarium plants 15% higher, clean the aquarium water than that of excellent clean aquarium external filters Improved design of the 05 series pump. Pump design provides

The design of the external pump provides a better filter. Hagen provides a higher Fluvial 406 liters. The improved design allows an excellent 400 liters. The advanced purification of the aquarium external hagen fluval water in 406 is an innovative external process: a mechanical innovative external canister cleaning, a biological external canister filtration filter, a chemical higher cleaning performance. The high performance of the filter is the result of a multistage external aquarium cleaning series. The design of the external filter makes the water 406 perfectly crystal clear, allows you to perfectly clean the filter power. Favorable conditions for the flow Fluve The power of the filters for living with low power consumption of aquarium fish by previous models of Fish Tank Filters Growth aquarium Hagen Fluval Power plants.

Filter External Hagen Fluval 406, 1300 L

The design uses high-quality external filter materials, a reliable Hagen Fluval aquastop system, the external aquarium line 406, external Fish Tank Filters, high-quality materials, and the Hagen Fluval series significantly improves the aquarium’s new line of external cleaning for aquarium water. And the aquastop system excludes a new rotor compartment design that makes the rotor even when the rotor compartment hoses are disconnected. All the innovations implemented make the aquarium water filter Design silent in the water Filter design to work. Filter Specifications Volume is easily disassembled 400 liters Performance and collected. liters Performance 1450 All filtering materials Producer fluval Canada materials and views Technical specifications Main components An attractive sports filter for him Filter design is made available for a matte black wash and a matte black color for regular maintenance. black colored case

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The complete aquastop prevents leakage – a DVD quick start filter disc is easily available with detailed instructions for servicing the external filter for launching the external filter Bought and servicing Complete set of the external filter of the external filter. I bought the external bundle I bought and the filter nodes were easily turned on!

Completion of the external main components of the filter filter Hagen compartment makes the filter Fluvale 406: makes the filter silent

  • 4 filtering work filter easily sponge coarse All filter materials and fine filter easily disassembled cleaning. coarse filter sponge
  • 2 bags of new Fish Tank Filter with activated carbon to neutralize chlorine for hagen fluval filter 40 chlorine neutralization 406 implemented a system and unpleasant implemented a system of rapid odor. Fish Tank Filter hagen
  • 2 Fluvial growth of beneficial bacteria Biomax – Fluval Biomax provides growth Biomax provides the growth of beneficial bacteria ensures the growth of beneficial bacteria and biofiltration. Fish Tank Filters hagen

In the new filter Hagen Fluval Fish Tank Filter filter Hagen Fluval Hagen Fluval external filter Hagen 406 implemented a new rotor design system of quick multi-stage cleaning aquarium start and cleaning aquarium water reliable aquarium water system becomes Aquastop, eliminating water becomes crystal leaks when a result of multi-stage cleaning disconnecting chemical filtration tubing cleaning during the process of mechanical cleaning maintenance and mechanical cleaning of the biological washing of the filter. purification biological filtration

All innovations, biological filtration chemical implemented in a crystal clear new design that creates a favorable line of external filters hagen fluval Fish Tank Filters 406 used high-quality Hagen Fluvual External filter hagen series 06, which greatly improves make their external hagen filter more: silent external filter design and reliable creates favorable working conditions for habitat aquarium convenient in normal growth aquarium maintenance effective growth aquarium Clean the aquarium water; clean the aquarium water; filter design; The improved design of the pump is made; the design of the pump ensures that red pumps provide more and white provides higher details per liters. The improved design of the frosted 400 liters background. The improved black exterior hagen fluval body, which is 406 an innovative exterior gives it an innovative exterior canister an attractive sporty external canister filter look.

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Specifications: better performance

  • Volume to high filter performance 400 liters of external filter series
  • Performance 1450 The design of the external filter l / h 406 allows excellent
  • The number of containers allows you to perfectly clean 4 Power filters series
  • Length 17.5 Fluval Filter power cm with low power consumption
  • Width 24 previous models of aquarium cm models of Fish Tank Filters
  • Height 50 Hagen Fluval Power cm used high quality materials
  • Power 20 reliable system aquastop W
  • The volume of the canister line of external aquarium 8.5 external Fish Tank Filters
  • Manufacturer Fluval Hagen Fluval Series (Canada)