Fish Tank Filters

Fish Tank Filters

Filters for the aquarium – what is it? What are they for and are they needed at all? Now we consider all these questions in more detail. There are two types of Fish Tank Filters – they are external and internal. Internal suitable for use in small and medium aquariums, up to 180 liters, external – designed for large aquariums, a volume of 200 liters. If you have an aquarium of more than 500 liters, it is advisable to install several filters on it at the same time. Because of its low cost, internal filters are more popular, while external filters are much more expensive. Both those and others carry out the main general functions:

  1. Stirring the upper with the lower layers of the aquarium.
  2. Mechanical water purification (from dirt and turbidity)
  3. Chemical water purification (from the vital activity of fish – biological filtration)

Our dear * brothers * (external filters) – they are also called * canister *, consist of several sections. In the upper part there is all hermetically sealed mechanics, the so-called * heart *, which performs the work of the filter. Slightly lower, there is a different biomaterial on which beneficial bacteria settle, maintaining the balance of the biological environment in your aquarium. Also, there is activated carbon, which contributes to the regulation of hardness and acidity of water. In both internal and external filters there is a compartment containing large sponges, which in turn carry out biological and mechanical filtration of water in the aquarium.

The biological filtration of water in an aquarium is influenced by such factors as: temperature, flow rate of water through the biomaterial, salinity, size of the biomaterial, and pH of the water. Recently, they began to produce filters with the ability to maintain the aquarium water temperature you set. IMPORTANT – do not forget that the filter must be on all the time! This is due to the fact that, when filtering sponges, beneficial bacteria that carry out biological filtration accumulate on the sponges, for which a constant supply of oxygen is necessary.

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Turning off the filter for more than 15 minutes will cause the inevitable death of all beneficial bacteria, which will cause pollution and turbidity of the water in the aquarium. But just do not forget that feeding fish should be done when the filter is off, because feed may enter the filtering material and rot there, causing water to deteriorate. Sponge filter should be washed at least once a week, and with a large number of fish, and even more often. Rinse is without any detergent, simple tap water.

It is desirable that the pump capacity (liters / hour) of your filter exceeds the volume of the aquarium by 3-5 times. Much attention should be paid to the process of selecting a filter. The good choice at the moment on the market is very large, and you will be offered a large number of different products. I highly recommend not to save on this, because This can very negatively affect the livelihoods of your fish. Also, it is not recommended to buy filters made in Poland, they are very unreliable, and produce a lot of extraneous noise, which can interrupt your sleep, for example, it will not be very pleasant!

Spend better a little more, but save in the future (to replace the broken ones) and give your fish a wonderful life! Recommended products are filters made in Germany, such as: Heim, Hagen, Aqua Medic. These are professional products that allow you to sleep well and not worry about the quality of the water in your tank, and therefore for the life and health of your fish.

Fish Tank Filters