Homemade Filter For Aquarium

Like only for the fact that the aquarium from the corners of the metal, well done, invent try.

Thank you, we just restored an old frame aquarium.

Thank! Good idea! But I would fill in the place of the sponge with expanded clay and plant water-loving plants. It would be nice and useful. And the filter can be pasted over with a self-adhesive in a dark color or under furniture. Thanks for the idea. It also occurred to me, but I did not try and didn’t know how it would work. Now I know thanks to you! A narrow aquarium should be slightly higher than the main one, or the same one can be quite narrow, put behind the main one and glue strips around the perimeter, then, as sides, and for overflowing, also glue the strip along the entire length of the aquarium. Behind the aquarium will be a naklein background, and behind it almost nothing will be visible, only the flow of water and growing plants. So do it! Improvements will need minimal and without costs at all, the pump can be used already old, second-hand and lying idle, everyone probably has some old equipment that is not used, but is still working. Thank you for the hint! Good luck to you! Good luck and new videos with ideas! Good experience, useful! Like and subscribe!

Homemade Filter For Aquarium

We are glad that someone has applied our experience at home.

Super, but paralon should be washed once a week, and a third of the water should be replaced.

Homemade Filter For Aquarium

Once a week the filter is washed, but it is impossible to replace one third of the water once a week – the biological balance of the aquarium is disturbed. Then the filter is not needed, because you will change the water for the whole three weeks – troublesome and pointless.

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Amateurs collective farm hell understand that .. and also spread it to the network .. on this bank is enough filter for 500r with aliexpress .. and no self-made. And what for so many snails? From them all the dirt is.

Alexander Filimonov So they multiply thanks to the sump filter! The water in the aquarium is clean, it opens well, it suits all pets. Such settling filters were in aquariums 30 years ago, but instead of a sponge, they had soil, as in akavriumah then, or a fishing, tangled, old fishing line. And I also put mineral wool there, it was so earlier for aquariums, now for some reason they don’t sell it, And the thing is good, time-tested! Best regards to you and your pets!

And every week they climbed into the aquarium to get this filter for 500 rubles and washed it with a toothbrush and some mommy. Therefore, for the collective farm and made an external filter sump. And about the snails: they don’t know what to do and what to do with them.