How To Care For An Aquarium Without A Filter And Compressor

How To Care For An Aquarium Without A Filter And Compressor

Beginners aquarists often seek advice on what to install a filter or compressor? More experienced colleagues, of course, will answer that both. But there is another way to create a home pond without a filter and compressor. Is it possible? How to care for an aquarium of such a plan? Our informative article will answer this question.

What is a filter and a compressor for?

In short, the compressor injects oxygen by aerating the water, and the filter clears the flow. The main function in the aquarium is reduced to the mechanical, biological, chemical water purification from nitrates and other products of fish, medicines, food residues, unwanted algae, microorganisms, soil contamination. It also creates in the pond the flow is usually weak and inconsequential for its inhabitants, and makes the water clear, which significantly improves the appearance of the aquarium. It is believed that the filter serves as a permanent habitat for bacteria that make water suitable for fish. The compressor is no less important, because it:

  • enriches water with oxygen in densely populated fishmen, where there are no living algae or they do not cope;
  • mixes different layers of water, equalizing their temperature and preventing them from stagnating, that is, it has a weak antibacterial effect;
  • imitates the flow, allowing you to create conditions close to nature for some species of fish;
  • makes the aquarium landscape more interesting due to bubbles;
  • complements the filter and prevents the appearance of a film on the surface and dirt on the walls.

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Care for aquarium without filter and compressor

The main problem in taking care of an aquarium without a filter and a compressor was and remains the creation and maintenance of biological balance. It means the balance of beneficial and harmful microorganisms, maintaining an optimal chemical composition. The abundance of organic pollutants and low oxygen content in water leads to acidification, disease and death of fish and plants. Therefore, reservoirs without a gentleman’s set are usually created either by experts in the aquarium business, or by beginners who plan to have one or several small fish.

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How To Care For An Aquarium Without A Filter And Compressor

Capacity selection. The decision to do without a bulky and expensive filter usually occurs to owners of small or even nano aquariums, which have become widespread in recent years. The aquarium for a child or a workplace should be simple, silent, meet high aesthetic requirements. Unfortunately, it is precisely small aquariums that are most susceptible to changes in the composition and quality of water, they are the most vulnerable. Owners of large domestic reservoirs are much simpler: they have the opportunity to create a relatively sustainable biotope that requires minimal maintenance. For beginners who are planning to take care of an aquarium without a compressor, we recommend purchasing an aquarium of 50 liters – that’s the golden mean!

Run the aquarium. Starting an aquarium without a filter is no different from the usual procedure: the first in line is water settling for 2-3 days (to create live microflora, vital for future guests). If desired, you can use special air conditioners that instantly turn tap water into suitable for an aquarium, or, if you have planned a marine aquarium, special complexes and salts.

How To Care For An Aquarium Without A Filter And Compressor

Planting. Aquariums without a filter and compressor require careful selection of algae, which consume little oxygen, but produce a lot of it. If you do not have a list of such plants, read this article further, and we will tell you everything! Remember that you can not populate the aquarium immediately after the landing of algae. Plants need to settle down for it will take several weeks, usually not more than 30 days. Only after the specified period can be released into the pond fish. Health algae and their new growth is the most vivid evidence that you are doing everything right. But the final test lies ahead.

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Selection and settlement of fish. Aquariums without equipment are not suitable for fastidious species of fish, but even being very limited in their choice of inhabitants, lovers manage to create variegated flocks. It is strongly not recommended to overcrowd such reservoirs, the rate of residence should be reduced by no less than 1.5 times in comparison with ordinary aquariums. Acting on the principle of cramping, but not offended, and trying to create as many shelters as possible, some aspiring aquarists turn the receptacle into a jar of sprats. Cichlids and scalars in such conditions do not take root or look at them, or think about purchasing aquarium equipment. Be sure to be interested in the requirements for the content of a particular species before purchasing it for an aquarium without a filter and aeration! A detailed list of undemanding fish, we will attach later.

Choice of feed and diet. In aquariums without technology, it is not recommended to use food that quickly decomposes and spoils water, for example, minced meat, which many feed the aquatic inhabitants. Sometimes it is better to stop the choice on factory feed, for example, special weekend rations that do not create dregs. But even in this case, it is impossible to overfeed fish, as accumulations of stale food instantly affect the quality of standing water. Make sure that the feed does not lie around, and eaten without residue for 5 minutes. It is not better to feed fish with hungry eyes than underfeeding than overfeeding.

Regular care. Reservoirs without filtration and aeration more often than usual need a partial water change. Depending on the volume of the aquarium, it can be held even once a week (but not more often!) And reach 10-30% of the total engine capacity. Do not forget to siphon the soil more often. This simple procedure serves as an almost complete replacement of the mechanical filter. Be sure to follow the health of algae is not only a marker of water composition, but also your faithful helpers in its purification and saturation with useful substances. If the plants are dying, look for the root of the problem and annoy the new ones. A healthy small aquarium often looks like a herbalist before it is tightly tamped with aquatic plants.

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What fish and plants do without a filter and compressor

Since the byproducts of the vital activity of fish are used by plants for growing season, in an aquarium where a whole flock floats, it is recommended to plant plants with a rapid increase. They prevent the development of voracious bacteria and maintain the transparency of the water. The aquarist’s friends list, who still doesn’t know how to care for an aquarium without a filter, includes such popular species as elodea, wallisneria, some types of ferns (except Thai), echinodorus, rodentard, cabomba, lyudwig, bacopa.

Fish, which can be settled in aquariums without a filter, usually belong to the number of loaches, labyrinths, catfish. This is primarily:

How To Care For An Aquarium Without A Filter And Compressor
  • speckled soma;
  • macropods;
  • acantophthalmos;
  • fighting;
  • Siamese fighting fish, or cockerels;
  • all kinds of gourami;
  • lyalius;
  • guppy;
  • danios;
  • neons;
  • medium-sized goldfish;
  • barbs;
  • swordtails.