How To Choose A Filter For The Aquarium

How To Choose A Filter For The Aquarium

If you love your underwater pets and want to create favorable conditions for them, then you definitely need a filter for the aquarium. This device will turn an ordinary aquarium into a cozy house for fish. There are two main categories of Fish Tank Filters: external and internal. Let us see what are the advantages of each of these types of filters.

The advantages of internal filters.

From the name it becomes clear that such a filter is installed inside the aquarium. The internal filter is suitable for a small volume of aquarium with a capacity of not more than 100 liters. Although there are models that can purify water in aquariums up to 300 liters. Aquarists, these filters primarily attract its price. They are also appreciated for reliability and ease of use. And finally, their main advantage is that their design includes a compressor.

But, along with the advantages, the internal filters have their drawbacks. Probably the most important of them is the location. Due to the fact that the structure is installed inside the aquarium, the beauty of the underwater world can be a bit damaged. But this is not such a problem, because a lot of masking details are sold, with which you can hide the filter. But in order to clean it, it is necessary to get it from the aquarium, and at the same time fine dirt can leak into the water.

External filters are their advantages.

The external filter is installed outside the aquarium, it is used mainly for large aquariums with a capacity of more than 100 liters. The design of the external filter consists of a tank for cleaning and two connecting tubes, one of the tubes from the aquarium removes dirty water, and the second – already clean water enters the aquarium again.

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The advantage of the external filter is that its operation is virtually silent and has a high level of water filtration. The advantages include the fact that such a filter can be cleaned less often, and the external location of the filter does not spoil the appearance of the aquarium, and does not frighten the fish.

The disadvantages of external filters are their high cost and possible leakage in case of improper connection of structural elements.

What are filtering materials.

For intensive water filtration, it is better to purchase a filter in which zeolite, bio-filler, synthetic winterizer or activated carbon is used as the filtering material. And for easy purification of water suitable foam filler, they are equipped with many inexpensive filters.

Also, do not forget about the power of the filter, it is measured in l / h. Calculate the desired power can be based on the size of the aquarium. Typically, a liter of water requires a capacity of 3 liters / hour.