How To Choose The Outdoor Filter In The Aquarium

The success of the maintenance of the aquarium will largely depend on the correctness of the choice of equipment used. The constant attribute of the right aquarium today is the internal or external filter, which is responsible for the mechanical and biological treatment of water. We will tell you about the choice of such equipment in this article.

Why do we need such equipment?

To maintain optimal conditions in the aquarium, it is necessary to perform mechanical and chemical water purification.. It is for this cleaning and responds to the filter used in the aquarium, which additionally mixes the water, ensuring its saturation with oxygen. Today, there are several fundamentally different types of such equipment:

As you can see from the name, the internal filter in the aquarium is located directly in the aquarium, providing a greater degree of mechanical cleaning. But the external filter for the aquarium, it uses a special substrate with colonies of bacteria, which allows purifying water not only from mechanical impurities, but also from nitrates, nitrites and other waste products of fish.

If in the recent past, the simplest internal structures were most popular, today an increasing number of aquarists tend to install outdoor equipment that is simultaneously capable of performing mechanical and chemical cleaning, while it is reliable, does not take place inside the aquarium and has an affordable price.

Internal Fish Tank Filters

Internal Fish Tank Filters are popular with beginners, because of the simplicity of design, affordable cost and ease of maintenance. At the same time, this type of equipment has certain disadvantages, which somewhat limit their distribution. These disadvantages include:

How To Choose The Outdoor Filter In The Aquarium
  • Problems with biological water treatment;
  • The bulkiness of the design;
  • The need for constant maintenance and washing sponges.

Experienced aquarists recommend use such internal filters only in cases when the density of fish landing is not so high; accordingly, biological treatment of water is not required. In this case, the internal filter for the aquarium will purify water from mechanical impurities, while simultaneously mixing different layers of water, improving its oxygenation.

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Bottom and mounted structures

External Fish Tank Filters

External filters for aquarium appeared relatively recently and today are the most popular on the market. This can be explained by their simplicity of design, versatility of use and excellent efficiency. Such an external filter for the aquarium is virtually silent, different efficiency, it simultaneously purifies water from mechanical impurities, and thanks to the appropriate culture of microorganisms on the substrate, it purifies water from harmful chemical impurities. Another undoubted advantage of the external filter is the aesthetics of the aquarium itself. In fact, in the aquarium there are only two inconspicuous tubes for collecting water and feeding it back.

Attention. If the density of landing fish is high, without the use of such an external filter can not do. Otherwise, the fish will simply die from the excess of water content of nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and other toxic substances.

How to choose a filter

Firstly, you need to decide on the type of equipment used. In that case, if the volume of the aquarium does not exceed 50-80 liters, and the density of fish landing is not too high, then an inexpensive compact internal filter can be dispensed with. Choosing such equipment you need to pay attention to its specification. The instructions should indicate the power of the pump used and the volume for which the specific model is intended. In most cases, choosing such an internal filter does not cause any difficulties.

From popular brands We can recommend you to pay attention to the products of the Polish company Aquael. The equipment from this manufacturer is different versatility, reliability and ease of use. In the line of offer Aquael internal filters can be found as the simplest models that are designed for an aquarium with a volume of 20 liters, and powerful pumps that can cope with the cleaning of a hundred liters or more.

We can recommend owners of large-sized aquariums to pay attention to external filters for the aquarium. In the recent past is the equipment was expensive, but today cheap external models from German and American manufacturers can be found on the market, which combine reliability and excellent efficiency.

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When choosing an outdoor filter, you first need to pay attention to the capacity of the pump used. The choice of this or that model depends on this. A filter that is weak in its capacity for an aquarium simply cannot cope with a significant load in large aquariums, and by selecting an unnecessarily powerful model for a volume of 50 liters, you will create a real hurricane in your aquarium.

Important. Experts advise to choose a filter for the aquarium at the rate of pumping them at least 5 volumes per hour. That is, if you choose such equipment for an aquarium of 200 liters, the pump power should be at least 1000 liters per hour.

Also pay attention to the volume of the canister filled. The greater the volume, the more efficient the biochemical purification of water. It is recommended to choose such equipment, in which the volume of the canister with filler exceeds 5 liters. At the same time, it is not worth buying powerful German external Fish Tank Filters for which a canister can reach 12-15 liters for a small aquarium. This technique is large in size, respectively, you will need an impressive in size cupboard, where fit such huge filter for aquarium.

If we talk about the most popular brands, we can advise you to pay attention to the products of the following manufacturers:

The best fillers for the external filter

In addition to choosing a filter, you will need to purchase a special filler, which is necessary for biochemical cleaning. If there are no problems with the choice of various large-porous and fine-porous sponges for mechanical cleaning, then how to choose the right filler for chemical water treatment.

Currently on sale There are a variety of fillers that can be made of plastic, various natural materials, including porous ceramics, lava, and other neutral materials. If you want to save on the purchase of such a filler, we can recommend you a variety of ceramic rings or plastic balls. Experienced aquarists recommend using natural lava as a filler, which is characterized by porosity and complete chemical neutrality.

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Proper start and subsequent use of aquarium equipment

The possibility of biochemical water purification is the main advantage of an external filter for an aquarium. Special bacteria settle on the substrate used, which purify water by absorbing nitrates and nitrites from it. Usually, it takes about a month to complete colonization of the substrate by such bacteria. That is why its working efficiency Such an external filter for an aquarium comes out approximately three to four weeks after its launch. If possible, it is recommended to give work to all aquarium equipment for several weeks, after which you can fish the aquarium and plant it with plants.

During operation, it is not recommended to disconnect the filter for the aquarium from electricity. When the filter is turned off for 2-3 hours, the bacteria on the substrate die, respectively, the filter will subsequently run idle for a long time, which can lead to the death of fish from their poisoning by nitrates. It is recommended to wash the external filter for the aquarium as seldom as possible. Ideally, such work held once a year. It will be necessary to open the casing, rinse the used sponges and then in the basin with the water drained from the aquarium, slightly rinse the filler and restart the equipment into operation. Usually this procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes.


The presence of an Fish Tank Filter will significantly simplify the care of fish. Such equipment purifies water from mechanical impurities and fish waste products. Select a specific type Aquarium equipment is more dependent on the volume and density of fish landing. If possible, we recommend that you use external equipment that simultaneously provides mechanical and biological water purification. Having correctly selected the filter for the aquarium and correctly using it, you will be able to solve all the problems with water, which will be the key to the successful maintenance of various types of fish.