How To Install An Aquarium

So, having impressed with the beautiful photos of the design of the aquarium, you decided to set up the same houses for yourself. The first step to acquiring an aquarium should be choosing a place for the future of the underwater kingdom. And, on this basis, to be determined with other characteristics: size, volume and internal content.

The place must be chosen very carefully, considering every little thing. After all, an aquarium filled with water is unlikely to move. The total weight of the filled aquarium far exceeds its volume. This is due to the fact that in addition to water, the mass of the aquarium itself, the soil, and the equipment is also taken into account. On average, you need to assume that the final weight is 1.5 times the volume in liters (for example, an aquarium of 60 liters will eventually weigh approximately 90 kg). The stand must guarantee stability. Remember that you choose an aquarium not for one day, but for a long period.

Many are interested in whether the floor can withstand such a large load. According to construction standards, the floor in a residential area should take a load of about a ton per one square meter. Therefore, even if a large aquarium will stand far from the bearing wall, nothing terrible will happen. But remember that the load must be properly distributed. The aquarium should not stand on four thin legs, and on the stand in the form of a frame. If you still put on the legs, it is necessary that they have a large area of ​​contact with the floor.

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Do not put the aquarium close to the window. The best option is two meters deep into the room. Make sure that direct sunlight shines on the walls no more than 2 hours per day. If you can not put the aquarium in this way, then create an artificial blackout in the form of blinds or thick curtains.

There must always be an electrical outlet near the aquarium so that you can turn the equipment on and off. If there is no outlet, use an extension cord. But in no case can one neglect the installation or operation of equipment, future inhabitants will not feel the best way.

How To Install An Aquarium

The aquarium should stand so that it always has access, namely, there should be no obstacles in front and sides. It is desirable that he was also at a height convenient for the eyes.

Each type of aquarium fish has its own characteristics. Some do not like anxiety, others, on the contrary, are bored if they are in a room where someone rarely happens. Therefore, it is optimal to establish an aquarium in a frequently visited room, but not on the aisle itself, but in a quiet cozy corner.

By the way, the African hedgehog is a no less amazing creature. This is a pet that does not occur in the wild. Such hedgehogs are affable with their master and do not fold into a thorny tangle.

It is advisable to place a polystyrene base under the bottom of the aquarium in order to reduce uneven loading and smooth out the unevenness of the frame.

How To Install An Aquarium