Small Round Aquarium

Small Round Aquarium

A small round aquarium will be an interesting detail of the interior. Since 2007, we have been talking about the benefits of rectangular aquariums, and aquarists are buying and buying a glass ball for a goldfish. We figured out why they are doing this and found out what. A round aquarium is acquired not because of the love of nature or aquarism, but as an effective interior solution. The location of the round aquarium in the room involves the choice of an open space: on the table, on a separate stand or mounted on the wall. By the way, semicircular aquariums are attached to the wall.

Making a small round aquarium requires a balanced approach, this is an interior object, and also the place of residence of the fish. Therefore it is necessary to purchase special equipment for a round aquarium: a compressor, a heater, a filter, to provide lighting. Classic appliances do not fit, they are too allocated in the water space. When buying, choose models with the indication “for a round aquarium”. The shape and dimensions allow you to place the equipment so that it does not catch the eye and does not spoil the appearance of the underwater world. Zoo portal offers an interesting article about the equipment for a round aquarium.

At the bottom we scatter stones, we root plants in them, which will help to hide the equipment for a small round aquarium. Choose such plants so that they do not hide the fish. Pay attention to the shape and size of the stones. In a round aquarium, the details look convex, the defect of stones is immediately noticeable.

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In a small round aquarium do not create a themed landscape with the wreckage of a ship or the ruins of a castle. We use other design techniques. For example, we place a miniature model of a treasure chest or lay out fragments of ethnic ceramics. The main principle of the organization of space is minimalism.

It is better to buy an aquarium immediately with a lid than to search for the desired model. The cover is multifunctional: it prevents fish from jumping out, objects getting inside, protects fish from children and cats, serves as a place for fixing the backlight.

In a small round aquarium the light is refracted in a peculiar way. Rare fish can survive in such conditions due to constant stress. And taking into account the small size of the reservoir, aquarium fishes will suit: neons, males, lyalius, guppies. Small-sized goldfish grow poorly and often get sick.

Cleaning a round aquarium is specific. Since its volume is small, every week one-fifth of the water is replaced with fresh water. The water is poured or filtered. Pay special attention to cleaning the windows. Bending the glass is not subject to the usual brush, use a piece of nylon mesh. Experienced aquarists are advised to plant inside a poultry that clears spherical glass from green scurf: catfish or snails.