Types Of Fish Tank Filters

Types Of Fish Tank Filters

Assuming that beginner aquarists often have problems choosing the right filter for an aquarium, we present the most popular filters for small and large aquariums.

Internal filters are the simplest. They should be placed inside the aquarium and attached to the glass with suction cups or special hooks. Water is sucked in the lower part of the filter, passes through the filtering element, which is used as foam rubber or synthetic wool, and then released in the upper part of the filter. The outgoing jet is directed to the surface of the water in the aquarium and thus effectively enriches the water with oxygen. This type of filter is recommended for all aquariums. To the best of its advancement, this filter may, in addition to mechanical filtration of water, contain a biological filter.

Advantages of internal filters:
– low price;
– low power consumption;
– well filters water.

Disadvantages of internal filters:
– small filter element;
– low performance as a biological filter;
– takes place in the aquarium.

Types Of Fish Tank Filters

Currently, cascading filters are gaining popularity. The filter is attached to the outside of the aquarium. Here the container with filter cartridges is outside the tank. In the middle of the water is supplied from the aquarium through the intake manifold with filter. Then the water is drained back to the aquarium through the pan. This type of filter is recommended for all aquariums. It is especially recommended for aquariums of large volumes in which the movement of water is not desirable. It can act as a mechanical filter with biological functions.

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Advantages of cascade filters:
– low price;
– low power consumption;
– does not occupy space in the aquarium;
– cartridges of greater capacity compared to the internal filters.

Disadvantages of cascade filters:
– Not all aquarium covers are designed to install a cascade filter. In most cases, you should cut a hole in the lid.

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External canister filter

Types Of Fish Tank Filters

Canister filters can be installed in aquariums with a capacity of 50 to 1000 liters. They are installed outside the aquarium (for example, in the cabinet on which the aquarium stands). Water in and out of the filter through the hoses. These filters, as a rule, contain the function of biological filters.

The advantages of canister filters:
– large capacity of filter elements;
– the possibility of using various filter inserts;
– does not take place in the aquarium.

Disadvantages of canister filters:
– high price;
– high power consumption.

The filter should be selected depending on the size of the aquarium. Too weak will not be enough to filter the water, and too powerful will lead to rapid circulation of water in the aquarium.

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