What Kind Of Fish Can Be Kept In A Round Aquarium

Before starting to talk about the selection of fish for a round aquarium, I will mention the advantages and disadvantages of ball aquariums.

When selecting a fish for a beginner aquarist, it is necessary to take into account the drawbacks of round aquariums. The most serious disadvantages include:

  • Small aquarium size not exceeding 30 liters
  • The limited surface area of ​​the water, which impairs the saturation of water with oxygen
  • Small swimming space
  • Strong glass refraction due to round shape

The advantages include one circumstance: round aquariums. In other words, do not leak.

Based on the voiced deficiencies, it should be concluded that frisky schooling fishes, and fishes requiring a large volume of water, are not suitable for a round aquarium. This does not mean that schooling or large fish can not be kept in a small round aquarium. The question of keeping fish rests on their number and the complexity of caring for them.

Usually, in a small round aquarium contain the following set of fish:

  • 7-9 guppies or mollies
  • 7-9 neons
  • 5-7 Sumatran barbs
  • 1-3 rooster or gourami
  • 1-2 goldfish
What Kind Of Fish Can Be Kept In A Round Aquarium

For smaller smaller aquariums, the number of fish indicated is proportionally reduced. In terms of maintenance and care, a round aquarium is no different from a regular aquarium.

  • Fish in a round aquarium should be fed a variety of food.
  • It is necessary to maintain the aquarium in time, replace the water and remove the dirt accumulated on the bottom.
  • In the presence of an Fish Tank Filter, water is changed in the amount of 15-20% once a week
  • In the absence of a filter, water is changed a couple of times a week.
  • Illuminate the round aquarium for 8 hours, picking up a lamp based on the volume of the aquarium with a capacity of 0.5W per liter
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How to care for fish in a round aquarium

Caring for a round aquarium is a weekly water changes, regular cleaning of the soil and the Fish Tank Filter. There is a small problem with cleaning the glass of the aquarium from lime or other plaque. Standard scrapers do not have the proper curvature, which would allow cleaning the curved glass of a round aquarium.

The way out of this situation is a broken bristle of a toothbrush fixed on a handle. The author has experience using such a homemade scraper. I can assure you that the toothbrush scraper does quite well with its purpose.

If the aquarium is not equipped with a forced air supply, then it is better to contain labyrinth fish such as cockerels, gourami or catfish-corridors. These fish are able to breathe atmospheric air, swallowing it from the surface of the water.

No need to keep goldfish in a round aquarium without air supply. Also, do not overcrowd aquarium. The three males in the form of one male and a pair of females would be the best choice in this case.

Most often in round aquariums there are cockerels, goldfish and a placer of guppies, mollies or neons. This is a classic settlement of fish round aquarium. But, on a number of forums, I met the opinion that the best round aquarium looks when it is populated with shrimps and planted with delicate aquarium plants.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Kept In A Round Aquarium